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My Purpose?

Being laid off from corporate America, I suddenly had all this time on my hands. With the free time, I started working out, praying and reading more. While at one of my workout sessions, my trainer recommended I read ‘The Circle Maker’ by Mark Batterson. I picked the book up from my local Barnes & Noble and haven’t put it down! This book must be good if I’m raving about it and I’m not even done reading it, right? ‘The Circle Maker’ opened my eyes to better prayer behavior and prayer language. It also introduced me to the idea of “circling” your prayers and praying more consistently. The combination of this book and prayer helped me to meditate on my purpose. After years of being the girl who was “good at doing makeup”, I took a leap of faith and paid to take a class from a pro makeup artist. The class was amazing! I learned proper etiquette and sanitation for applying makeup to clients and so much more. At the end of the class, I got confirmation that my techniques were up to par to start accepting clients. After years of honing my skills, I am willing and ready to walk in my purpose! I can’t wait to see what the beauty world has in store. We'll talk soon! XO.


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