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It has been more than a couple months since my last post but I can explain. For one I decided to halt my natural hair blogging career. Why you ask because I got tired, well burnt out rather. After being natural for over 6 years and being an actual blogger for almost 2 years’ things started to become mundane. Of course, the followers, likes, comments, free products and money was great but natural hair was no longer fun once it became about business. While laying out by the pool in Cancun for my 27th birthday, I decided I was out. I had nothing to lose anyways, since I traded in my beautiful mane for big chop #3. I didn't accept any new contracts nor did I renew any existing ones, I was finally free! Free to post whatever I wanted, whenever; it feels great to have a "personal" Instagram again. On the flip side, something is missing. I don’t want to be in the "natural hair" box, especially when I have other skills but I miss connecting with my supporters. Kenvi might be back, stay tuned.


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