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'All Things Beauty' Farewell

Where do I start? I went from being laid off from corporate America to becoming makeup artist to going back to corporate America and now I am a co-host of a podcast. God has a funny sense of humor but I am enjoying the ride! A good friend of mine recommended me to go on this podcast, she was recently a guest on. I go in to do my interview, I was nervous but I was great! Next thing I know, I get an email from the owner of the podcast network asking to come me to come on as co-host for a trial period. Guess I’m doing a good job because here I am 5 months later, the permanent co-host of the “All Things Beauty” podcast on The Sphere podcast network. The show consists of two makeup artists talking about everything in beauty, including makeup, fashion and even dating. We definitely have a good time! If you follow me on social media, you already know but this is my official announcement. God continues to put me into situations where I have absolute no experience but I believe he has equipped me with all the tools I need. After 7 months of co-hosting the show, I have decided to move on. I had an amazing time honing my hosting and speaking skills, as well as meeting new people and making new connections. The old episodes featuring me can still be found on most streaming platforms. Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for what’s next! We'll talk soon. XO


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